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The Importance of Personal Style

The Importance of Personal Style

Fashion has always been too fast-paced to keep up with, but with the boom of social media and street style bloggers it seems that it’s harder now than ever to keep up with the latest trends. I mean, once you’ve successfully found that gorgeous skirt that Lovely-pepa was wearing that time or that Man Repeller featured on her site, everyone has forgot about it and it’s time for the next “it” item.



Leandra Medine Man Repeller


Street Style bloggers and celebrities are a great source of inspiration for millions of women around the globe, but do we remember how to dress for our style or are we merely mimicking what they are wearing? Most Street Style bloggers know what the latests trends are, their job is to apply these trends to their style and wear items that they have been sponsored to promote. The result is that this inspiration is taken to another level and big bloggers have “given birth” to hundreds of other mini version of themselves that simply copy outfits,lives and sometimes even personality to get a taste of the ‘dreamy’ lifestyle portrayed through their various social media feeds.



You get the idea right?


I’m a firm believer in personal style and following your instincts. No one knows truly what suits you better than yourself, because everyone—absolutely everyone—has an inner style. If you haven’t quite found yours, try answering the following questions: What are my key pieces of clothing? Is it that pair of comfortable jeans and T-shirt combo? Is it that cute floaty dress? Is it that old battered leather jacket?

Knowing what you’re most comfortable wearing will help to give you confidence in your item choices for upcoming seasons, adding the odd accessory to fit in with the latests trends, swapping that pair of comfortable jeans for a pair of comfortable culottes or that battered leather jacket for a season-appropriate suede one.




Do you find that the street style bloggers you follow wear things you just wouldn’t be comfortable wearing? Have a cull. Only follow those that you identify with. Each season, just try to find those few key pieces that they’re wearing that you could add to your existing wardrobe. Don’t copy-cat them! As Oscar Wilde once said: “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”



Alexandra Pereira Lovely Pepa


If you are still struggling to find that inner style, why not ask for help? Here at Estilistas, we aim to help beautiful people just like you to find your personal style and stick to it, creating weekly newsletters personalised and tailored to your style needs. Subscribe to our newsletter here or drop us a line if you fancy a free consultation from one of our personal stylists at


written by: Noelia

Noelia has a lot of passion for fashion and she wants to share that passion with you. She'll work with you to help you improve your style. She probably drinks too much coffee and is a little obsessed with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who isn't!?)

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