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How to Wear Sneakers in Any Situation

How to Wear Sneakers in Any Situation

In the wake of the athleisure, arguably the most dominant trend of the past few years, sneakers have gone through a rebirth, a renaissance of sorts. Athleisure has made life more easy and comfortable and the transition from one daily obligation or occasion effortless. We have been blessed with the opportunity to wear sneakers with everything and not look like we’re headed to the gym or to run errands. Still, even some of the biggest sneaker-lovers remain suspect to the notion that they can rock them with everything, to any occasion. Today, our job is to remove those doubts and show you just how darn chic and stylish the mighty sneaker can be.


The Obvious Choice



True athleisure lovers will naturally take the obvious route and rock their kicks the original way – with sweatpants or leggings and a good sweatshirt or hoodie. Those a tad bolder will take a page from the Hadid sisters’ playbook and even flaunt their figure in a crop top or a sports bra. Now, this used to be a ‘gym only’ look, but with the arrival of athleisure, everything changed and now you are free to run around town in your sports attire, have brunch, take casual walks and go grocery shopping. The difference between now and then? Now you will be considered a trendy style guru. The needed additions? A great bag on your arm and killer specs on your eyes. You’re ready for almost everything.


The airport is your runway



If the airport can be Victoria Beckham’s runway, it can be yours as well. Now, the aim of travel attire is for it to be equal parts comfortable and chic. You will spend several hours on a plane so comfort is a necessity. However, when you step off the plane you want to look amazing, stylish and fresh, and that’s where a sneaker-based combo comes in. A pair of stylish wide-leg pants go perfectly with a sleek pair of Adidas shoes. Now, you can choose to pair the pants with a chic hoodie or take an even dressier route with an embroidered statement jacket and a white tee. With the right bag, preferably in the same color as your kicks, you will be the queen of the runway, pardon, the airport.


A first day



A general rule of thumb is – first dates call for you to put your best look forward. You want to wear something alluring, but not look like you’re trying too hard. That perfect balance used to be hard to hit, but now you have sneakers to your rescue! You can put your best, little black dress, add a midi crossbody bag and then, for the purpose of not looking overdressed, ‘tone things down’ with what? Yes, sneakers. For this purpose go for a pair of cute sneakers as opposed to the chunky, ugly sneakers – it’s still a date and you will have achieved that effortlessly flawless look.


Off to work we go



Although there are still many workplaces with a strict dress code, there is something that can be done. We’ve searched for a loophole and we found one. If you do your best to look conservative on top – go with a blazer and a checker pencil skirt, or better yet, a power suit, you can totally get away with subtle and sleek tennis shoes. There is no reason to suffer in pumps and high heels, especially when the wide-leg pantsuit can even hide the sneakers from your superiors. The best part? You can head straight for after-work drinks and look super cool and polished, especially if you throw a trendy snake-print tote into the mix.


To a wedding? Oh yes!



Okay, perhaps the only place you can’t wear sneakers to is a black or white tie event. However, since these have become so rare, you’re safe. Most couples tying the knot these days are more chill than that and usually opt for a casual or a semi-casual dress code. This gives you plenty of wiggle room in the ‘dressing for a wedding’ department. You can go with a classy jumpsuit with a gorgeous silver belt, even frost yourself with some trendy structured jewelry. Even if you go for a tea-length dress or a ball gown, you can return to your teenage-years favorite All-Star Chucks and totally dazzle, and look even a tad extravagant. High-heels are the obvious choice, but sneakers make couture more interesting. Even countless runway looks can corroborate this claim.  


We’re not even going to mention all those super-casual looks such as jeans plus a trench coat, all kinds of skirts combined with tees and leather jackets or cozy sweaters. Sneakers are the natural addition to all these looks, looks you can rock on your days off, to clubs, bars, and aside from work, pretty much everywhere else.


Article by: Claire Hastings fashion editor at Dolce Placard.  Follow her on twitter


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