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How to Channel Your British Royalty Style Vibes

How to Channel Your British Royalty Style Vibes

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot, the royals seem to be under the public eye more than ever. Every hint of trouble in paradise, speculations about Kate and Meghan not getting along, Meghan being too demanding on the royal staff – every little suspicion and just a hint of disagreement is widely broadcasted in every paper in the world. Now, as much as we love a good royal gossip, we do really hope that everything is alright in the kingdom and that the two beauties are actually getting along really well.

However, this is not why we’re here today. Juicy gossip can wait; we have business issues to tend to. We all admire their looks, and apparently everything the two royal ladies wear turns to sold, so we’ve decided to bring you what we think are some of the best looks seen on both duchesses – the looks that are both stunning and easy to achieve so you too can channel your inner royal.


Photo: Elle

Let’s Start with the face

We can all agree that Meghan Markle looked spectacular on her wedding day, and we simply adore the fact that she didn’t go overboard with her makeup but rather kept it simple and even let her freckles show through her foundation. Now, we know that she used the new Dior foundation, which is pretty sheer, and this tells us to ditch heavy and cakey foundations and opt for the more natural and dewy ones. Of course, in order to do so, we need to take extra care of our skin, and in an interview from a while ago, Markle revealed some of the ‘can’t live without’ skincare and makeup products. Now, we all have different needs when it comes to our skin, and different makeup that works for us. The key is finding those truly high-quality products that will do justice to our skin, and stick to them religiously. This is the year of almost bare to bare skin, so if you want to look as fresh as a royal, you are going to have to invest in yourself.


Mind the length

With a few exceptions, if you take a careful look of some of the best looks of both Markle and Kate – post wedding of course – you will see that almost all their dresses are very modest and generally below the knee. There are a few occasions when they showed more leg, but they mostly kept to modest fashion. Hence, if you want to channel your inner model, you will stick to pretty and modest dresses, stay away from sheer fabrics and of course, keep away from overwhelming and wild prints. We have yet to see someone from the royal family in an animal print, and something tells us that day will never come.


Always carry a purse

From the Queen herself, to Kate and now Meghan, each lady of the royal family is always seen with a chic handbag, usually held in her left hand or on the left arm. This is a neat little trick as it doesn’t only leave the right hand free to wave and shake hands, but can actually save you from unwanted contact. Just like Kate, you can hold your clutch in front of you with both hands and avoid handshakes altogether if you encounter a person you really don’t want to be touching. You may not be waving to crowds of adoring fans, but a chic bag can definitely serve as more than just an accessory.


Photo: People


Be free to wear jeans

Meghan has been known to break several royal style rules. Namely, the Queen prefers dresses over pants and jeans in particular, but that hasn’t stopped Markle from rocking them every chance she got. The now pregnant duchess was even spotted wearing a black pair of jeans, a turtleneck and a simple white blazer on her way to a luncheon with the Prime Minister. So, worry not future moms, you can freely rock your favourite pair of maternity pants, as long as you keep it smart on top. Blazers are all the rage right now anyway, especially oversized ones, so in the early days, you can rock them with chic pumps and then trade them for ballerina flats when you start to feel heavier.


Photo: Marie Claire

Don’t be afraid of taking it up a notch

If you want to look like a royal, you’re going to have to adopt one of the main royal style rules – the hat. The hat is to be worn by all women attending royal or any other formal functions, and since hats are coming back in style anyway, why not stand out from the crowd and wear a hat at the next wedding you attend? Or even better just go ahead and put a crown on it!



Article by: Claire Hastings fashion editor at Dolce Placard.  Follow her on twitter


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