Oslo Fashion Week Vibes

Sep 3, 2018

We’ve somehow always fostered this notion that Scandinavians, particularly Norwegians and Swedish are sworn minimalists who, in terms of personal styles never stray away from their minimalistic ways, whether in terms of the color palette, the seemingly simple and sharp cuts and every other pillar of minimalism. Still, after keeping a close watch on what’s been going on on the streets of Oslo during fashion week, we have been proven wrong and our misconceptions have been shattered. The styles that were spotted on gorgeous people flocking to fashion shows are absolutely incredible, but let’s not focus on the generalities and let the highly specific looks give us the full scoop of what exactly went down on the streets of Oslo.


Many blasts from the past


We haven’t seen the classic, true to form cowboy boots in forever, so imagine our surprise when they popped up on the streets of Oslo, rocked by a gorgeous blonde with her strands nonchalantly tied in a simple ponytail. Upon close inspection, the juxtaposition of the romantic and breezy floral dress in a poignant red-pinkish hue and the ruggedness of the cowboy boots is pure style perfection. It only goes to show that gorgeous dresses don’t always need to be the epitome of pure frilliness and femininity. With the right footwear, in this case, one in a diametrically opposed style, this look is taken to new heights and represents a kind of rebellious romanticism, and the denim jacket tied around the waist (another blast from the past, something that hasn’t been seen since the nineties) only adds to a look that is already strong and interesting, one that proves that there are many ways to rock a dress and express your style persona.


When minimalism met Athleisure


These two gorgeous ladies are the perfect example of what happens when you pair an athletic clothing item, such as black biker shorts and a chic well-tailored blazer. Athleisure is a trend that has dominated the world for quite some time now, but these women took it and made it their own. The sleek blazer, the structured sturdy belt bag, it’s all pure minimalism, although it comes in a gorgeous pop of color, but the shorts are athleisure 101. However, as things are about to get chillier in the season to come, we would be better advised to shelf the biker shorts and opt for something warmer from the trendy Mint Athletic athletic apparel selection, such as high-rise leggings that will complement a snazzy blazer even better.


The New Minimalism


Even though they’ve embraced certain trends, the people of Oslo are still quite faithful to their minimalistic ways, although a dash of trendiness was introduced into this style as well. Nothing says ‘chic and crisp’ like a gorgeous white pantsuit, but when a trend is as powerful as the oversized one is, there is simply no escaping it. We do have to admit that while a fitted suit does look chic and elegant, there is a certain breeziness and even, in a strange way, a stronger feel of elegance in this oversized suit with flowy wide-leg pants. This is definitely a look that would be flattering on women all across the globe, as it represents minimalism, trendiness and modest fashion in the best possible light.


Much ado about everything


Ok, let’s break these looks down. The pants with the side buttons have been spotted in New York a while ago, but what we love about this particular look is that it doesn’t involve the Bella Hadid slit tracksuit vibes, but uses jeans instead. It’s a refreshing denim look to say the least, oversized of course, as this seems to be the dominant motif in the general Oslo style. The fact that it’s topped off with a plaid blazer and a patterned belt bag only makes the look more interesting, like the woman was either trying too hard or not trying at all. It’s difficult to decipher what was going on before the look came together, but the result is semi-casual oversized perfection and we can’t wait to rock it. Of course, let’s not forget to note that the shoe de jour is the slingback, as well as the ever popular loafer, so not all women of Oslo have taken to the dad sneaker trend just yet.


Modern-day Princess


Just when you thought there would be no room left for those almost ethereal elegant and feminine vibes, here comes this gorgeous lady rocking an even more stunning royal blue one-shoulder midi dress. The ruching on the sleeves and the torso area make the dress even more interesting than it would be without it. Now, she could have taken a safe elegant route with a pair of classic stilettos, but the fact that the choice of footwear came down to a pair of ankle boots with a silver block heel and a bag to match is a total game changer.

After what we’ve witnessed, we can say with certainty that not only do the women of Oslo know how to embrace the current trends, but they are also quite savvy when it comes to bending the rules and making the looks their own. We love our trendy New Yorkers and chic Parisians, but the women of Norway are definitely giving us something to think about.