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Personal Shopping

Our online service not quite enough? Love us so much you want a one to one with a stylist?

Step 1

Your Free Consultation

Start off with a free 30-minute phone/video call to get to know each other and so we can understand your style requirements in more detail. We'll offer tips and advice and if you feel happy to take it further, let's make arrangements!

Step 1

Your Shopping Trip

Let's make a day of it! Come to London, the city of fashion, and we'll take you around the best stores and find you the perfect outfit for a special occasion or get you in season and on trend. If you can't make it to London, we'll work something out.*

Step 1

A Complete Wardrobe Detox

For the deepest insight into what's hot and what's not about what you've got, let's get down with your entire wardrobe. We'll do a top-to-bottom of everything. Be prepared! This could be brutal. This one's not for the faint-hearted. (Video session or in person*)

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(Shopping Trip and Wardrobe Detox: Payment required in advance. Cancellations accepted up to 48 hours before. No refunds after 48 hours before scheduled booking.)

* Travel outside of the Greater London area will incur extra fees to cover time and commuting expenses.