About - Estilistas

Where it all started

Estilistas was created in 2013 by Noelia Santana, a fashion stylist and her (now) husband, Simon Hamp, a web developer.

Noelia realised that many of her clients didn’t have much time to go shopping and they were skeptical about buying online. There are too many online retailers, too much choice and not enough guidance. Many retailers today offer an online stylist service, but what if you want to buy from different sites? What if you could have bespoke outfits that matche your style, body shape and budget straight into your inbox? No fussing around picking the right shoes for that dress or worrying “what if those trousers make my hips look too big?”

Our stylists

Our stylists use the data you give us when you subscribe to create personalised outfits for you. No automatons, algorithms or bots here; That’s right, only real stylists! Genuine, human beings with a love of fashion and a great eye for style. Your stylist knows how to put together looks that you’ll love. If you’re not completely happy, just hit reply and let her know! You’re welcome to update your preferences and give her suggestions so she can get to know you a little bit better. All of this for free!

Latest trends

Estilistas is constantly looking for ways to make your shopping experience better, and to provide you with tips and tricks that will help you enjoy fashion as much as we do!

Thanks for choosing us and happy styling!