Wardrobe Detox

Brace yourself, my Wardrobe Detox sessions are intense

But they’re great for making the most from your existing items, which means you might not need to buy any new clothes - great for your bank balance and the planet (as long as you also recycle anything you throw out)

Complete Detox

For the deepest insight into what's hot and what's not about what you've got, let's get down with your entire wardrobe. We'll do a top-to-bottom of everything.

Be prepared! This could be brutal. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted: usually around 3 hours on a video call, trying things on and chucking things out (yes, “out-out”!)

Afterwards I’ll send you a detailed summary of our session along with some outfit ideas for the items you already own and some product recommendations for those key items that have been missing from your wardrobe for too long.

£ 299

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Wardrobe Update

Your wardrobe is generally in check after your last detox, but it needs a quick update to get ready for the season ahead.

That means a quick clear out of the things that you didn’t wear last season, sorting out your seasonal clothes and putting together a shopping list with the items that you will need for the new season.

Set aside a slightly less intense 2 hours for this session.

£ 199

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After an initial consultation from Noelia, I decided to start with a wardrobe detox... Noelia then handpicked a box of clothes and accessories from a variety of shops and all the clothes fit amazingly.

— Renata, London

Noelia did a very great job on helping me choose my outfits for work and casual days! We had a chat before and after and she understood my style very well... all items fit in my wardrobe perfectly.

Highly recommend her service!

— Ivana

This was a superb service - she really got to understand my style and my needs and found some great pieces I would never have found myself.

— Mrs Anderson