Your Summer Looks, Sophie.

Sophie welcome to your very own estilistas wardrobe space.

Shop your favourite looks from the options below. I've also included similar items to give you more choices. Many of the looks feature your existing clothes, so you'll see some familiar pieces.

You have some great pieces with lots of potential, so hopefully this will inspire you to wear them more and have fun creating your own unique looks, just use the same formulas and don’t be afraid to play with colours and textures.

Enjoy your shopping and please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Big hugs!


Style Tip

A great way to add a modern flair to an outfit is by balancing very feminine pieces with more masculine or edgy items. For example, by wearing a pair of loafers with a cute mini dress or an oversized blazer with a floaty skirt.


Style Tip

You might have heard of ‘the wrong shoe theory’, which is to wear a shoe that you won’t normally wear with an outfit, like wearing a pair of trainers with a very smart outfit.  

This can also be taken to the accessories and jewellery territory. You do this by basically adding accessories that you wouldn’t normally wear with an outfit, for example, a party bag with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Or adding a pair of statement earrings to a humble knit jumper.