3 Key Outfits to wear this AW if you are an Hourglass

26 October 2017

There is no doubt we should all follow our inner style, no matter the trends, no matter the seasons. There are always pieces of clothing and outfits that are our uniform and identify us. But while following your inner style is important, dressing for your body shape and acknowledging what suits you and what does not is a key principle, both to feel good and look great at all times.

An hourglass figure is appropriately named after the hourglass.  If your bust and hips are approximately the same width and you have a narrow waist then you have a hourglass shape.  Stunning women like Eva Mendes, Kate Winslet, Emily Ratajkowski or Kim Kardashian all have hourglass body shapes.  So what should you wear to enhance your curves and tiny waist?

1. Belted or wrap dress + boots/trainers/loafers

This is the holy grail for an hourglass figure, the one to always fall back on when you are stuck for what to wear. Flee from straight dresses as these won't accentuate your figure, or if you do, add a belt or tie a scarf around your waist. Choose block colours if you are a minimalist, but if you love prints the possibilities are endless. Just add some knit or a roll neck top underneath to keep warm this AW.

2. Blouse + Jeans + Belt

A simple but effective equation, a high or mid waisted pair of jeans worn with a belt that cinches your waist and a blouse that is tucked in at the front. Choose a blouse that is slightly V-neck or, if it has buttons, undo the first three or four buttons to enhance your bust rather than looking too constricted. Go for jeans that are slightly ankle length as these will make you look taller, or if you are a 70's fan choose a boot cut with heels that will accentuate your curves even more.

3. Pencil or A-line skirt + top

This is a classic outfit for those chic ladies. A pencil skirt will enhance all the right places of your lower body, your tiny waist, ample hips and bottom.. so go for block colours and materials that are flattering and flee from distracting prints or thick fabrics as they will add volume. An A-line skirt has a little bit of a flair at the bottom so they tend to be more comfortable. Always chose a length that falls on a thin part of your legs, so below the knee or just above the calf. Be bold on your top half, experiment with prints and materials, but avoid high necks or too much going on around your bust area.