3 Reasons to Run this Winter

7 November 2014

7pm: It's freezing outside–and wet!–and here I am, putting on my runners. Have I gone mad?

In just a few days it seems like those days of eternal sunshine that put you in the right mood to stay out all day are long gone. It seemed like the time was infinite after work and we refused to go back home, making the most of the long days by hitting the gym, going for a run or out with friends (ok, probably more the latter).  When September ends, it's like that fun, outdoorsy, sporty 'inner you' vanishes. But am I really going to get scared by a little less sunlight, a little more rain and a very chill breeze?


Because running is doing all of this for me:

  1. It is the best form of cardio exercise! It helps to burn more calories and also uses a higher percentage of muscle mass.
  2. It helps to relieve stress and eliminates depression, because you are so focussed on going that extra mile and breathing the right way, it can help you forget your bad day and focus on the immediate challenges, leaving you feeling positive and full of energy.
  3. It keeps you healthy by boosting your immune system, raising your levels of good cholesterol, increasing your lung function and use, and strengthening your heart, lowering your chances of developing heart diseases.
So don't let the cold months keep you inside! Unless it's really impractical (e.g. a hurricane), then simply swap your outdoor run for the treadmill. The main thing is to keep up your good routine.

As for what to wear, go for layers when running outdoors, and don't forget your hat and gloves for the colder days.

Work out your way through winter and it will fly by without even noticing. And when all those lazy bums start hitting the gym to get ready for summer, you can be hitting the pub for (a few moderate) drinks after work.