3 Steps to The Perfect Summer Skin

13 August 2014

Oh, hello sun! You're finally here, we've missed you! How amazing your rays feel all over our bodies... Being tanned feels great, doesn't it? But to get a shiny, healthy and smooth tan, here are a few steps you should follow:

1. Exfoliate

Your face:

The skin needs to be cleaned deeply to remove dead cells. Depending on your skin type, you might need to do this every week. Always use a different exfoliator on your face. Elemis FreshSkin Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash leaves the skin radiant and glowy thanks to its cherry powder and jojoba beads that gently polish and help refine skin texture.

Your body:

For body exfoliation, you should try Good Luck Body Scrub by Rituals. With its combination of sugar and softening oils that nourish and revitalise even the driest skins, and immersing your in the citrusy, warm aroma of sweet orange and cedar, it will leave you feeling so clean and fresh. After all that scrubbing the skin will need a good moisturising session:

2. Moisturise

For your face:

For long lasting and amazing results use Forever Youth Liberator Serumface cream,and eye cream. I cannot recommend them enough! This set increases youthful activity in skin cells, envelops the skin with a satin-like texture and helps to protect your face against daily sun exposure. Need I say more?

For your body:

If you're pampering at home and don't have a pressing need to go out (i.e. you've got a few hours to yourself), Coconut Oil will give your skin the nourishment you need. But only apply a small amount as it tends to leave the skin very greasy.

If you're busy and in a hurry, use a body oil straight after showering, then dry with a towel and apply a moisturiser. St Tropez 4 in 1 Lotion offers a sun kissed glow while firming and moisturising your skin.

3. Protect

These steps are recommend a few days before you're going to start tanning, and of course protect your skin thoroughly whilst you're in the sun. I am a big fan of Hawaiian Tropic products for tanning, not just because (to me) it smells like summer, but also because - with vitamins A, C and E - it nourishes your skin and gives it that golden tan you've always dreamt of.

After these 3 simple steps your skin will be feeling pampered and ready to take on your summer holiday. Now go get that perfect tan!