3 Ways to elevate your outfits FOR FREE!

8 April

There is no need to hit the shops every time you want to look modern. In fact having too many things in your wardrobe will only give you a headache and make it harder to create outfits.

Here are 3 easy ways of updating your looks every season, every time without spending a penny, just look into the magical wonderland of your own wardrobe!

1. Add the 'wrong accessory'

You might have heard of the wrong shoe theory, which is to wear a shoe that you won’t normally wear with an outfit - like wearing a pair of trainers with an super dressy dress.

This idea extends into the realm of accessories and jewellery as well. It's about integrating unexpected elements into your ensemble —for instance, carrying a party bag with comfy trousers and a shirt, or accenting a plain, basic tee with bold earrings.

This approach will help you to not only introduces an additional dimension and a unique flair to your everyday styles, but it also encourages you to make use of items in your wardrobe that might otherwise be reserved for special occasions.

2. Play with the proportions of your outfit

This easy trick works for any body type or personal style, and it will really make a massive difference to your looks, trust me!

Say you're into oversized looks; just mix in something fitted. Like, you could go for loose jeans and a big shirt but throw on a snug tank top to give your outfit some shape.

If you're rocking tight pants or leggings, balance it out with a big coat or sweater. Also, this is a trendy way to keep wearing your skinny jeans.

And for those flowy dresses or skirts, cinching your waist with a belt or even tying a sweater around it can really highlight your waist and give your outfit a more defined shape.

3. Learn to master colour

Looking to create the impression that you've put a lot of thought into your outfit? Experiment with colors!

To make this easy for you, check the colour wheel.

For a complimentary colour combination you can go with colours that are against each other in the colour wheel, like orange and blue. This will result in a high contrast, very bold outfit. The kind of outfits that will instantly lift your mood.

If you want a less contrasting approach, look at the colours that are next to each other in the colour wheel to create outfits that are a still colourful but more harmonious. This works really well when you want to create tonal outfits where one colour is predominant and you use similar hues to create the outfit.