4 Cosy but chic winter outfit ideas

2 January

As the temperature drops and frosty winds take over, there's one thing that can lift our spirits during the chilly winter months: the perfect winter outfit. While the desire to stay warm and cosy is paramount, it doesn't mean sacrificing your sense of style. In fact, winter presents a unique opportunity to showcase your fashion prowess by mastering the art of combining comfort and chicness.⁠

There is no need for a brand new wardrobe! In fact these four formulas to create cosy and chic winter outfits can easily be created with pieces you most likely have currently in your wardrobe. Keep the idea but add your own spin to them, and let me know what's your favourite combination.

1. Tailored coat + knit dress

A knit dress is a piece that a lot of us have in our wardrobe for those times when we need to dress up but still want to feel comfortable and warm. Add structured and elegance to a soft knit dress with the perfect tailored coat.

2. Slim fit jeans + long knitwear

Those who claim that skinny jeans have fallen out of fashion might not have been keeping a close eye on the latest runway trends.

Opting for leggings or slim-fit trousers provides an excellent means of embodying the aesthetic of Miu Miu's Fall 2023 collection. Achieving that playful equilibrium by pairing slim-fit pants or leggings with layered knitwear and bulky coats is the effortlessly chic style that offers a refreshing change after weeks of lounging in pajama bottoms.

3. Leather + denim

Combining denim and leather is a classic and versatile fashion choice that can create a stylish and edgy look.

Layering is key to a successful denim and leather ensemble. Try wearing a leather jacket over a denim shirt or layering chunky knitwear under an oversized denim jacket is the perfect pair for a sleek leather skirt.

4. Jumper + jeans

The classic combination we all go back to. However, a straightforward method to infuse a touch of runway-inspired flair is donning a white crew-neck t-shirt, allowing the top and bottom hems to peek out for a contrasting and dimensional effect.

Accessories also play a significant role in elevating this timeless ensemble. A belt, your beloved layered necklaces, chic sunglasses, or even a silk scarf will infuse it with a personalised touch.