4 Hair Styles to try this Spring/Summer 2015

29 April 2015

If you're not ready to cut your locks into a bob, be sure to try any of these hair styles to update your look this season - no scissors involved!

The boho wave

The return of the surfer beach hair is back one more time. This season, be inspired by the '70s babes like Farrah Fawcett or Brigitte Bardot. More than a blowout is a messy wave that can be achieved by roughly blow drying your hair, do a messy plat and let the hair dry naturally - ideally overnight. The next day your hair should have a gorgeous wave, just add some salt texturising spray and you are good to go!

 The Braids

The classic trend gets a twist, a proper twist! Braid different sections of your hair and twist them around in different shapes across the head, or add random braids to your boho waves.


The Beach hair

Remember the James Bond out-of-the-water-girl moment? (Pub quiz answer: Ursula Andress) Well it's all about that sexy wet look now. Comb your hair to the back using gel or do a messy ponytail straight out of the shower.


The ornamented do

Live your life like every day is a festival and add some fun to your hair. From the ever so glam red roses and carnations from Dolce & Gabbana, to minimalist geometrical hair clips, experiment with your accessories. Why not try adding some statement earrings with a head scarf tied around a low bun or ponytail?

And here are the essential products you'll need to achieve these looks: