4 ways of creating sustainable party looks

5 December 2022

1. Wear something you already have

Reinvent something you already have. Unless you go to many parties, the truth is that probably your sequins and fancy gear are collecting dust in the back of your wardrobe. Take them out and find the inspiration to wear them again, check Pinterest for ideas, ask a friend for suggestions or book a consultation with me, I would love to help you plan your party outfits with those little gems hanging already in your closet.


2. Rent instead of buying

Renting is a great way of wearing some gorgeous pieces you would probably only wear once. By rotation and HURR are both women-led businesses that are shaking up the way people think about their clothes, they are ‘redefining ownership’. At the end of the day sharing is caring, if you have something beautiful, why not let others enjoy it instead of keeping it all to yourself?

You can rent some stunning pieces that you might not be able to afford to buy, like the dress that Kate Middleton wore for the Earthshot Prize Award, she rented it from HURR too!


3. If you have to buy, shop 2nd hand

You know this already, but there are just so many ways of buying 2nd hand. My favourite is the old charity shop trip, my tip is to make a list of some favourite ones, and make a date out of it with a friend. In London, going to the ‘rich neighbourhoods’ like Hampstead or Kensington is always a good option.

You can also shop online from eBay or Verstaire Collective for luxury items. Etsy is great for vintage!



4. If you are buying something new, think of 3 ways you can wear that piece after

Avoid mindless shopping and spending unnecessary money by thinking of at least three ways you can wear that piece after. Maybe it's sequin dress that you can dress down with trainers for the pub, or a gorgeous blouse that you will be able to wear again with a simple pair of jeans. If you make a conscious effort of thinking of the different possibilities for this piece it will also give you time to really think if you are in love with it, if not, don’t buy it just for that one party. It’s not worth your money.