The 5 Secrets to Always Being On Trend

13 September 2017

There are some girls that always look like they have everything figured out: great hair, great make-up and an outfit so on-trend that even Zara's mannequin can't compete with it. But leaving aside great genes and expensive hair touch-ups, there are secrets and style rules to follow if you want to be 'that girl':

  1. Know what works for you: if you are a rebel and don't like to follow rules, stick to just this one wear only what suits you best. It seems obvious I guess, but most people get lost just keeping up with the trends, let alone knowing how to work these for their body shape. Check this helpful post by Who What Wear about how to recognise your body shape. Once you know your shape, sign up for our free newsletters where our stylists give you tips on how to wear the latest trends according to your body shape and style.
  2. Get inspired: when you are on Instagram and see that fabulous girl looking amazing, take a screenshot! Open your eyes to the fashion world and take pictures of everything that inspires you: an editorial in Vogue, a street styler, even your favourite TV show can be a great source of inspiration! Keep all these pictures in a separate folder on your phone and flip through it when you don't know what to wear.
  3. Plan ahead!: I was lying before, you always need to follow this rule too, especially if your mornings are so hectic that you barely have time to look at your face in the mirror. Take time in the evening to check the weather forecast and realistically plan what you will wear the next day. Take it out of the wardrobe and hang it on the door or arrange it neatly on a chair. This will save you time in the morning, plus with a clear head, it is much easier to be creative and bold and you'll feel more inspired to try new outfit combinations. Read this post for a few more tips about planning ahead.
  4. Add something unexpected: wearing your favourite all-black combo - again? That's fine, just add a bright jacket or a statement pair of earrings (Mango is amazing for this!). You can also style your hair with the latest trend or even just add a bright lip to your simple jean + T-shirt combination.
  5. Focus on one item: don't just open the wardrobe and start panicking, focus on one item: a new pair of shoes, that chunky cosy knit or a killer dress. Once you have picked this item, build the rest of your outfit around it. Strive for things that aren't too obvious like wearing a pair of white trainers with a cute dress or that chunky knit paired with a floaty skirt.

Images: Glamour, WhoWhatWear, ManRepeller