4 style lessons we learnt from Villanelle

28 April 2020

You'd think that a hit-woman would wear clothes that make her look inconspicuous, to blend into a crowd, just another passerby. Not Villanelle: her fashion choices are loud, outstanding, even defiant. She likes 'pretty things', and spends most of her assassin income on luxury brands, in dreamy outfits that are undoubtedly supposed to help fill the void in her empty soul.

She may be incapable of feeling remorse, empathy or any kind of human emotion, but at least she has good taste and a vibrant fashion sense to make up for it. I find her style to be inspirational. It's a bit tricky to pin down, but here are some key tips to follow to look as fashionable as our favourite criminal:

1. It's OK to overdress

Killing Eve - dress up

Just grabing a coffee at your usual spot? Or going for a quick run to the shop? Do a Villanelle and go all in. Wear your most fantastic looks to do the most menial tasks.

This fashionista villain always dresses up, no matter the activity involved. Remember that epic moment when she wore a Molly Goddard pink tulle dress and combat boots? Probably not the most appropriate dress when visiting your therapist, but hey she is a serial killer after all, so all norms are pretty much out of the window!

Get the look:

Killing Eve - suits

In order to wear a power suit you need to have an attitude, and Villanelle has mountains of it!

Whether it's 'business appropriate' in a pinstripe blazer, a 'disastrous bride' in an elegant Commes des Garçon tuxedo blazer, or a printed 70's Halpern suit, Villanelle knows very well the versatily of a suit, a hero piece that will be trending matter for a long, long time.

You can add some feminine flair by wearing it with killer heels and a bustier top or with a graphic T-shirt and brogues to be the coolest.

Get the look:

We have established that Villanelle loves to make a statement. And so it goes, there is no casual look that is ever ‘too casual’. Even a simple blouse and jeans outfit have the ability to send us online to scroll for hours to find an equivalent.

Fear not! I have done the work for you, so here are some statement tops:

She is always matching her quirky - to say the least - personality, with a wild range of statement trousers and skirts: Fushia maxi skirts, skin-tight silver pants or floral flares, to mention a few. Sometimes she wears them with an outgoing coat or a structured jacket, sometimes with just a simple shirt. No matter how you want to wear them, a whimsical pair of trousers or a fanciful skirt will make you feel like the very fashionable villain that you are.

Get the look: