8 Tips to create your own travel capsule wardrobe

19 February

Love travelling but hate packing? Me too!

Going for a travel capsule wardrobe is a smart move if you're looking to cut down on packing headaches, mix and match with ease, and travel light. It's all about making your life simpler and your suitcase lighter, so you spend less time fretting over outfits and more time enjoying your trip

Things to keep in mind when packing:

  • Weather at destination
  • Main activity you will be doing: i.e sightseeing, relaxing, etc.
  • Baggage allowance for your flight
  • Would you be able to do laundry?

Here are 8 tips to have in mind when packing your suitcase to create a travel capsule wardrobe that will help you create stylish and comfortable outfits no matter your destination.

Basics are your best friend

The foundation of your travel capsule should consist of a good range of basic pieces. Think about which basics you can’t live without and pack as many as you see fit for the amount of days you will be away.

Also, think about basics that can be versatile for many occassions, like a black dress that can be worn during the day but also easy to dress up for the evening.

Take into consideration laundry requirements, for example: a white t-shirt might get dirty pretty easily so pack a few spares.

Think of the fabrics

Choose fabrics that are wrinkle-resistant, lightweight, and easy to care for.

Fabrics like merino wool, polyester, and nylon are not only durable but also dry quickly, making them ideal for travel.

Pack your favourite pieces

Don't forget the pieces in your wardrobe that define your style and make you smile. You will be able to create more interesting and comfortable looks if you pack some of your favourites.

Don't make the mistake of just packing versatile and high functioning pieces because this will result in extremely boring outfits, pack that printed shirt you love wearing or that little sequin dress, you will find ways of wearing them, trust me!

Master the art of layering

Layering is key to adapting to changing temperatures and an amazing way of adding tons of interest to your looks.

Include pieces that can be easily layered over each other, such as a white t-shirt under a knit or a a cool shirt. Layer your jackets to avoid carrying a heavy coat around.

Keep the colouring consistent

You should be able to mix and match almost everything so it’s important to keep the colouring consistent.

In winter, my basics are mostly black, white, grey and blue, but I also love to add touches of camel and hot pink. So I always make sure that my travel capsule has a variation of these hues.

Also, if you love colour, this is the perfect time to try interesting colour combinations, so don't just go for the obvious!

Don't overpack footwear

Shoes are probably the trickiest part of packing, so it’s best to keep it simple. If you are doing lots of walking, pack one or two pair of shoes that are comfortable and won’t hurt your feet (don’t pack new shoes that you haven’t walked in yet!). Think of the possibility of rain, shoes that are good to walk in the rain are a must.

I like to keep it to a total of 3 pairs of shoes: 1 pair of trainers, 1 pair of comfortable boots (in winter), 1 pair of cute but comfortable shoes for dinner/going out. That's it!

Accessories/jewellery to add your personal touch

The right accessories and jewellery will give you that personal touch that your outfits need and are also a great way of adding something different to an outfit you have worn on repeat during the holiday.

Some ideas:

  • Across the body bag big enough to carry your essentials.
  • A canvas bag or backpack to carry your shopping you might do.
  • A silky scarf that can give your look a complete different vibe.
  • Favourite jewellery, I love packing a couple of statement earrings that can transform a simple look.
  • A small bag for the evening.
  • Sunglasses
  • A hat that doesn't take up lots of space like a beanie hat or a cap.
  • Versatile belts that can be worn with trousers and over the waist.
  • Not really an accessory but a water flash and a reusable coffee mug are essentials for me. I love this one as combines those two.

Test your outfits

Before you pack, lay out all the items you plan to take and try mixing and matching them to ensure you can create enough outfits for the duration of your trip.

This step will help you identify if you're missing any crucial pieces or if you've packed too much.

If you are in need of some real inspiration, here is what I've packed for my 2 week trip to Japan!