6 Ways of wearing Leopard Print now

14 November 2022

Leopard print is one of those trends that comes back every year without fail. It has a bit of a marmite effect, you either love it or hate it.

Throughout history, the print has also prompted a polar opposite of opinions. From being a sign of wealth and refinement, for example, in the 1962 Jackie Kennedy wore a leopard print coat causing a spike in sales of real leopard skin, (yikes!) to only a few years later in the 70s, the pattern became tacky and was adopted by the punk movement.

No matter your thoughts about it, leopard print has become a wardrobe staple, a symbol of power, femininity and sexuality. There is a way for everyone to enjoy this iconic print, so how can you wear it?


1. With your ecru jeans


2. With tailored trousers + loafers


3. Wear as a coat with jeans + a white shirt


4. As a dress paired with knee length boots


5. With leather trousers and gold accents