60's Hair and Make up for Summer

13 June 2013

This summer, a revival of the sweet and sensual Mod look of the sixties will polished our beachy look.

Cat eyes and big hair, what is not to like about that?. Copy cat the classic divas of the 60´s for a full on glamorous summer.

A messy fringe with a middle partition,bold brows, lots of waterproof mascara and glossy lips will make you feel a bit like Brigitte Bardot.

We have seen a lot of celebrities rocking their short hair a lá Twiggy. The truth is,not everyone can pull it but it is a fresh and easy cut to manage for the summer. Bleached blonde with darker brows is the way to go.

Accessorizing the look should be fun and sweet.  From a cute satin bow to a girly retro hair clip to one side, and a pair of cool sunnies: embellished, sparkly,John Lennon style?, a huge range to choose from!

For an effortless natural look at the evening  choose a glossy orange lippy with heavy black mascara and a bit of bronzer to accentuate the tan. A touch of neat white polish will give a modern but still chic twist to the look.