7 Pieces to have in your wardrobe that you won't regret buying

31 January

No matter your personal style, what you do everyday or what the weather is like where you live, these 7 pieces will be style heroes in your wardrobe and you won't ever regret buying them.

1. A white t-shirt

The humble white t-shirt is super versatile and can add a casual vibe to any bottoms and occassions:

  • Wear with your formal suit to keep the outfit smart/casual.
  • Add to your sequin pieces to wear more often.
  • The perfect layer to wear your statement jewellery.
  • Wear under a knit jumper to add interest and juxtaposition.

2. Straight-leg jeans

This shape of denim is timeless and flattering for every body shape.

  • Can easily be dress up or down.
  • Wear them with anything you want!
  • Provide a balanced silhouette that flatters many body types, offering a comfortable and relaxed fit without being too baggy or too tight.
  • Offers comfort and freedom of movement while still maintaining a polished and put-together appearance

3. A button-down shirt

Choose your preferred colour or print and enjoy the multiple ways you can wear this hero piece.

  • Tuck it in or wear it out depending on your mood.
  • Perfect to layer over tank tops or t-shirts, turtle necks, jumpers, etc.
  • It will instantly lift any casual pair of trousers, even your joggers!
  • It's season-less, you can wear it all year around.

4. A jacket that makes your style shine!

A versatile jacket that will add a bit of your personality and style to any look. You might have a few jackets that you love and wear all the time, but you know there is one that instantly feels 'you' when you put it on.

  • It will help you add 'your touch' to your outfits.
  • This can be a biker jacket, a blazer, a bomber, a jacket you bought in your favourite second hand shop,...

5. A pair of smart-ish trousers.

For those times where jeans don't apply and you just want to wear something a little smarter.

  • They can dress up or down.
  • Slightly more comfortable than jeans.
  • Perfect to wear for occassions where you have to look more professional.
  • Choose a material that will last and will feel good on your skin like cotton or wool.

6. A knit jumper.

Invest in lasting materials like cashmere, merino wool or cotton.

  • Provides warmth when you need it.
  • Can be throw around your shoulders for extra styling points.
  • Shop for colours that you love so they will instantly lift your mood when you need it.
  • Timeless, you will never regret investing in a good knit!

7. A no-fuss dress/jumpsuit

For those 'nothing to wear moments' you need a simple dress that you can wear multiple ways and serve you for different occassions.

  • Can be dress up or down.
  • Choose a material that can work for all seasons, for example cotton or viscose.
  • It's a perfect canvas for your style creativity!
  • It's forgiving, so you might want to wear it when you feel bloated or you need to be comfortable.