A Geography of London in Footwear

27 May 2014

Shoreditch - The urban landscape is changing, as hipsters (or at least the ones with enough integrity to not cash in on the 'hipster' phenomenon) are driven out by rising house prices, and young professionals are installing themselves in depressingly clean new build flats, lining up their Ikea wardrobes with rows upon rows of 'high end high street' work shoes. It goes like this: & Other Stories brogues for beginners, and Hoss Intropia courts for seasoned office style icons. Remember, if you don't pair it with Issa, it doesn't count as fashion.







Mayfair - During the day, the footwear of Mayfair is remarkably bland. Save for troupes of tourists, Mayfair lies abandoned like an extravagant ghost town, sold to foreign investors for millions. Nighttime in Mayfair though, is a different story. You might not be able to move across the pavement for the clatter of hard-won Louboutins and stilettos to induce orthopedic nightmares. Queuing up at nightclubs, they come in drove to greet their exotically named 'promoters' or as I see them, temporary sugar daddies. The promoters themselves are required to wear formal men's shoes as a testament to the image of the nightclubs, even though you can tell they would kill to be allowed to work in their squeaky clean Air Jordans instead.


Hackney - Otherwise known as normcore central, where houseplants are transported on the capacious overground trains and not being freelance is considered quirky. Swedish Hasbeens are the order of the day, with The White Pepper chunky leather ankle boots for special occasions. Because high heels tend to complicate vegan quiche buffet access, the residents of Hackney like to stick to the kitten heel. When attending a concert, the flatforms are broken out in the hope that the extra height will soften the blow of the cheap back stalls ticket they bought last minute off of a Facebook aquaintance.

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