A new way to do your Online Shopping

27 October 2018

Do you ever feel like shopping online is so time consuming? Who has time for that? Sure sometimes it's easy and exciting (when you've got time on a quiet weekend and you find just the right outfit straight away). Most of the time though it's a headache scrolling through hundreds of items that aren't for you.

If you've ever been frustrated looking through endless items online, fret no more! Now you can let your favourite stylists at Estilistas do the hard part for you.

We've seen huge growth of our free online personal shopping experience this year and we understand how hard it is to get personalised inspiration and motivation to shop online. We want to help you even more. That's why we're introducing our Style Box which combines a concierge service and an online personal shopper in one. That means you only pay one fee and give us a budget and you forget about it and leave it to us to do the work.

Do you want to try it? Get in contact now for an early bird discount!

How the Estilistas Style Box service works:

1. Consultation
We spend a little while understanding your needs better. We can do this via email, phone, FaceTime etc, whatever works best for you. In this brief consultation we can talk about your style, your body shape, what sort of clothes you like, any upcoming events you need clothes for, etc. Even if you have something in your wardrobe you are not using at the moment I can give you ideas in how to wear it and find the right pieces to wear it with.

2. Outfits
We then go away for a few days and pick out 2 outfits just for you, keeping to within 10% (?) of your budget. Once we've prepared the outfits, we'll send you all the details. If you like the outfits, let us know and we'll order them for you and get them sent to you. (Heads up: You'll have to pay us first so we can buy the items - don't worry we'll send you all the details as necessary)

3. Try & Keep or Return
Once you receive the items, you'll need to check everything is ok (if there are any problems, let us know via email - send pictures and descriptions).

Try the items on. For items that you're happy with, you just keep them and enjoy wearing them!

If there are any that you're not completely happy with, pack them up and let us know that you don't want to keep them. We'll then schedule a pickup to collect them so you don't have to take them anywhere special or fiddle around with multiple packages. We'll even pick them up from wherever you are!

(We can only offer one return per order, so we recommend that you make absolutely sure you're happy with the items you want to keep before sending any items back.)

Once we've received any returns, we'll check they're ok and get them returned to the shops for you. Once we've been refunded, we'll refund you :)

Eligibility. We can't yet provide this service everywhere. It's open to UK customers only at the moment. We also have a limited service range for delivery and pickup of your items, so we'll need your postcode to determine eligibility.