A simple spring/summer capsule wardrobe

17 April 2023

You have probably heard the word ‘capsule wardrobe’ multiple times in the past few years, and even though it seems like a revolutionary fashion term, it really is as simple as this: a capsule wardrobe is a few pieces in your wardrobe that you wear on repeat. This is very personal, and it should be curated according to each individual's style, and to fit their existing wardrobe and lifestyle.

One way of finding out, it’s by examining your wardrobe: what things have you worn the most this past season? What do all these things have in common? Is it the shape? Is it the style?

If you haven’t done so, unpack your spring/summer items and see which of those things you are still very much going to wear. Can you create you capsule wardrobe out of these pieces? Having in mind the shapes and style that you like, make a list of some other items you need to create your capsule wardrobe.

If you need inspiration to do this. I have created a list of 12 pieces that can be the foundation of your spring/summer looks. You might already have some of them, or you might prefer a different variation of certain item, as I said, a capsule wardrobe is VERY personal. And my job is to find the perfect pieces for you, so get in touch for a personalised capsule wardrobe.

Do you need help preparing your capsule wardrobe? Let's talk!

Check out my spring/summer capsule wardrobe for inspiration.

1. Wide-leg trousers:


2. Denim shorts:


3. No-fuss dresses:


4. A cute blouse:


5. A tank top:


6. A fun co-ord:


7. A midi or maxi skirt:


8. A lightweight jacket or blazer:


9. A lightweight coat:


10. A straw bag:


11. Go with everything sandals:


12. A pair of trainers: