A Summer Suitcase Part I

5 June 2013

Summer is around the corner. Now it´s the time to plan that deserved holiday, a mini city break? Paris, New York? or a week of the three “S”, Sun, Sand and Sea?.

No matter what the plan is, be certain you will be looking fabulous. So be sure to take some time and plan a great summer suitcase for all those fun times ahead.

The City Break

If you are flying with a small hand luggage for the weekend, you will need to be very selective with what you are taking. If you have less choices, you are more lucky to get the outfits just right.

Here are some ideas.

- Some Denim. Denim is our savior no matter the season, that is why, a piece or two of denim can not be missing from our suitcase. Choose a pair of shorts if you want to show off those legs, or a skater knee length skirt if you are not so sure about it.
  • A cool tee. The classic white t-shirt is replaced by a cool logo or crazy print tee. It goes well with everything, with the denim shorts or even with an embellished skirt to go out in the evening. Just choose something fun, and hopefully not so offensive.

  • A Maxi dress. An easy scape for when you have no idea what to wear, it is too hot outside, but then, you do not feel like showing your legs. A flattering, empire waist, summery maxi dress will be the answer.

-The embellished number. It is summer, don´t forget some bling for the night. A sexy colourful mini skirt with a plain tee or a curve hugging pencil skirt with some shine.

-The White Shirt. Because this is just something that can´t be missing from our suitcases, or our lives. Just try to choose one that is not so wrinkly just in case you can´t get hold of an iron on time.

-The flats. A cute pair of flats sandals should be one of the top ten items on your list. Something comfortable and wearable that you see yourself walking for miles with them on.

-The Wedges. Perfect for the night time or for a quick walk around the city. Choose a pair that will go with all the rest of your items.

-A bunch of Accessories. A small bag, some statement jewellery, cool sunnies and a hat will complete your city break look.