29 Accessories to Beat Winter

22 January 2015

I'm counting down the days until winter's over.... and it's only just started! (Why! WHY! WHYYYY!)

But let's be honest, the great thing about winter and maybe the only great thing (apart from being able to stay in and watch movies and eat all day guilt-free) is to wear all those cute little beanie hats with matching gloves, the endless choices of scarves and fur stoles and it is the only time of the year when you can wear ear-muffs and not look stupid.

To make the most of this deplorable weather, suit yourself with an arsenal of winter accessories that will brighten up your cold and dark mornings and give you a reason to leave your bed and beat winter in style.

For the girly-girls

For the Kate Moss wannabes

For the hippy-hearted

For the sporty ones