Accessorising for Spring

21 February 2018

It's sooo cold!!! It doesn't feel like spring is any closer and I'm getting bored of wearing my coat, gloves and all the boring-but-sensible/necessary stuff to stop my limbs from falling off. So I've started adding some of these fresh accessories to my look to make me feel like the warm weather is already here!

These are some of my favourites. Here's how to add them to your winter looks:

1. A pair of statement earrings: choose bright colours, interesting shapes and materials, and add them to your roll neck jumper to start dreaming of summer dressing.

2. Reminiscing about the sea: give a white T-shirt a fresh start by adding a sea shell necklace or wear a chunky knit with a pair of turquoise hoops to add some "Vitamin Sea" to your winter outfit.

3. A rafia bag: it might be something that you'd use on the beach, but no one's stopping you from adding it to your city look for a fun and stylish touch.

4. Fun sunnies: anything is allowed! Heart shapes, Kurt Cobain white iconic style, an exaggerated cat eye... the bolder the better! Trust us, it will make your look.