Back to Basics

11 October 2022

Fashion is constantly evolving, and new trends are coming up every season. However, there is the mother of all 'anti-trends' resurging every time: outfits made up solemnly with basic pieces. Call it 'minimal', 'french' or 'neutral dressing', this anti-trend is made up exactly of all the hard-working and timeless pieces that should be the foundation of a useful wardrobe, or like all the cool kids are calling it now: 'capsule wardrobe'. 

I have made a selection of 14 core items that will stand the test of time, trendless, classic pieces that can easily adapt to your style and match with your wardrobe favourites. In some instances, I have given you an 'investment' option, luxury pieces that will last (forever even!) or high street gems that are reasonably priced and won't break your bank. 


1. The Trench Coat

Never out of style and truly iconic, the trench coat will serve you well all year around. 


2. The White T-shirt

How can such a simple piece be so fundamental in a wardrobe? Invest in heavy-weight cotton that will last. 


3. The Tailored Trousers

A great pair of tailored trousers are your work-wear superhero. But also wear with a silky cami top and a blazer for the evening. 


4. The Cashmere Cardigan

So many ways of wearing this classic piece: buttoned up with a pair of jeans, opened up over a white t-shirt, as a scarf over your trench coat, over a floaty Summer dress, want me to keep going? 


5. The Easy Dress

Think of it as a blank canvas, you can add whatever you want on top: layer with turtle necks or chunky knits depending on the season, and shoes as you see fit. Go for cotton so you can wear it all year round. 


6. The Fine Knit Turtleneck

A key piece for Autumn/Winter. Wear under Summer dresses to keep wearing them during Autumn, over a silky blouse or a simple t-shirt to master the art of layering. 


7. The Oversized Blazer

The easiest way to smarten up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or add a modern vibe to a floaty dress. 


8. The Chunky Jumper

A hard-working essential that will keep you toasty during the coldest months. 


9. The Straight Leg Jean

Denim is timeless, and a pair of straight-leg jeans are the most flattering shape for all bodies. 


10. The White Trainers

White trainers go with everything, and you can wear them all through the seasons. Vejas are fashionistas' favourites for a reason. 


11. The Classic Loafers

The preppy shoe has had many variations over the years, but the classic Gucci Horsebit loafer is a cult item that will never go out of style.


12. The Shoulder Bag

The perfect black bag is not massive, but not tiny either. Light and easy to carry this Bottega will last forever. 


13. The Leather Belt

Don't just wear it to hold your trousers in place. Add it over a dress and chunky jumper, around your blazer or coat, so many options!


14. The Layered Necklaces

Mix and match chain necklaces and chockers to show off your styling skills and finish off every look successfully.