Be the perfect guest

17 May 2017

Are you dreading Spring for all those weddings and events you need to attend? Don't! See it as an opportunity to play dress-up and enjoy every minute of looking for an outfit!


As I've mentioned before, I am getting married in June. I've never been on this side of the wedding and in all fairness it is pretty stressful planning everything. So now I see just getting invited to a wedding as a huge privilege!

So you have a couple of weddings and other Spring parties lined up, what now?

  1. For the not so conventional guest: ASOS has an amazing collection of Occasion wear with tons of out of the ordinary dresses that will keep everybody guessing where it's from.
  2. For the one that wants something that can be reused: it is a bore when you get something that is too flashy or uncomfortable that can only be worn once, so invest in either a chic dress can you can reused or two pieces that can be worn together or separately for different occasions.
  3. For the one that is looking for something not too dressy and mostly comfortable: a simple dress without too much fuss is your perfect pick, either something breezy like a tunic top or cinched at the waist to enhance your figure, but still feel yourself.