Booty Boom Boom

5 February 2014

Today we're talking about your derrière, yes, your bottom, buttocks, or bum. Where your back ends and your legs begin.

Many celebrities have increased their popularity thanks to their buttocks: J.Lo , Shakira, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé to name just a few. But few have achieved what Jen Selter has managed. This 20 year old girl from New York is largely famous for none other than her perfectly fit and round backside.

Jen's crazy about her fitness and started posting pictures of herself and her perfect bum on Instagram. She takes pictures during her daily exercise sessions (in impossible poses) in famous areas of New York. She has become #instafamous and is now followed by well over 2 million booty-loving followers, including Rihanna. Wowee!

She's a great example of becoming what you want to be (in this case having a great ass) through consistency and motivation with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Check out this video of Jen and some of her daily exercises, follow her on Instagram to get motivation to move your ass. Don't forget to get a stylish outfit for your weekly exercise to feel even more empowered and motivated.