The Busy Girl's Guide To Surviving Mondays

16 November 2015

How to survive Mondays you say?

Well, most online articles take great pleasure in RUINING Sunday's for you by suggesting blocking off your entire Sunday afternoon to do things like 'meal prep' and 'positive visualization' (whatever that means). Make the most of your Sundays by LETTING them be Sundays, and start the work week the right way.

  • The key to a good Monday is a good Sunday
Contrary to popular belief, setting aside half your Sunday for arbitrary 'Monday Related Prep' is not going to make your life much easier. What IS going to make life easier is enjoying the weekend to it's fullest extent. I'll let you off if you want to update your to-do list right before you hope to bed, but otherwise, take the whole day to relax and go out and do something utterly non-work related. You won't feel bitter about losing your precious downtime to life admin, and the negative side effects will honestly be minimal.
  • Don't get up at 4am to do yoga and meditate
You've read all the lifestyle blogs and the popular Pinterest posts and I don't blame you for being tempted, but realistically, you'll have to get up at 4am and meditate for 66 mornings before it starts to get even slightly easier to adjust to such an extreme wake-up call.


  •  A healthy breakfast
if there is one thing you make provisions for on Sunday, make it your breakfast. You might not feel up to dashing to Tesco before 4pm to stock up your fridge, but leaving it and winging it on Monday means your week will probably be off to a poor start! Have some non-perishable breakfast goodies in stock such as cereal, oats, muesli etc. so all you need to buy is a bit of milk to start off your day correctly.
  • Coffee.
No magic formula here, it's just MondayFuel.