Cleaning up your wardrobe in 6 steps

20 April 2016

Ah! Spring cleaning! When it dawns on you that your wardrobe hates you and could actually be the set for the next Hoarder movie. It all goes so well in your mind: open wardrobe, try clothes, dance like Carrie around 'closet', get girlfriends to rate them all while sipping on cosmopolitans ... so it should be easy right?



Well, it's not. This is not Sex in the City. And you are not Carrie Bradshaw!

So when I was planning to detox my wardrobe I went hunting for some motivation and tips. Here are the best ones:

  1. Think of it as a game of Snog, Marry, Avoid, except it's 'Toss, Donate, Sell' and start making 3 piles:
    • TOSS all those stained, frayed, old, ("smelly? how the..."), or broken pieces;
    • DONATE things that someone else might find useful;
    • SELL anything you don't want that has still got the tags on or that could still be worth a few quid. eBay or depop are great places for selling your unwanted clothes.
  2. Keep telling yourself: YOU are the boss! Say 'No' to the 30 grey cardigans that won't let you close the freaking draw. Having doubts about certain item? think of the space you are going to have for your new seasonal pieces, and how easy it would be to get dressed without having to browse through a wardrobe full of fashion faux pas. Be ruthless, if you haven't worn it in 6 months the chances are you never will!

  1. Colour code. Simple but effective as your clothes will make more sense and it will be easier to choose.

  1. Less is best. Choose to keep clothes that really reflect your style and flatter your body shape. Don't keep things that might fit if you lose 10 kilos, be realistic and keep things that are going to make  you feel and look amazing.


  1. Keep a box of 'maybes' to one side, give yourself a couple of weeks to see if you can find at least 3 different ways to wear it. No luck? Bye then! Maybe some of the pieces that you love, you haven't worn because you need to iron them, dry clean them or do some modifications? Put them where you can see them and do it ASAP!
  2. I lied, there's only 5 steps. You're all done! Nice work. That was tough, so go and get a drink, you deserve it.