The Date Bible

10 February 2015

So… your crush has finally plucked up the courage to ask you out on a date. He wants to take you out, he fancies you, and he wants to spend time with you. (Result!)

Whether he is taking you out to dinner or to the cinema, here is a handy guide that will prep you for your date.

Outfit Rules:

  1. Flaunt your best asset
  • Apple Body shape – Your beautiful legs
  • Pear Body shape – Your petite waist
  • Hourglass Body shape – Your luscious curves
  • Athletic Body shape – Your slender silhouette
  1. Comfy footwear – if you are wearing heels, make sure they are comfortable!
  2. Keep make-up simple and elegant - emphasise your eye colour
  3. Just enough perfume – make sure you smell beautiful but don't over-spray it!

Body Prep

The night before:
  1. Have a relaxing bath
  2. Get rid of any unwanted body hair, it will instantly make you feel more elegant
  3. Moisturise your skin
  4. Paint your nails
  5. Gently exfoliate your lips with sugar or a toothbrush
  6. Iron your outfit – don't leave this to the last minute!
  7. Enjoy your beauty sleep
On the day:
  1. Chill, you're amazing
  2. Have a shower, moisturise your face, spray your perfume
  3. Keep your hair and makeup neutral. Emphasise your eye colour and hydrate your lips with a lipstick
  4. Get dressed
  5. Remember your clutch bag, phone, house keys and purse
  6. Deep breath in….. And out……..
  7. You are ready to go. You look beautiful and he is one lucky guy!