How to De-Clutter Your Wardrobe for 2018

29 January 2018

New Year, New You - right?! So why do you feel the same frustration opening up your wardrobe, day after day, and seeing that same dress you were sure you were going to find an occasion for, but never did?

Getting rid of things is hard. Getting rid of clothing is difficult because there’s always a feeling of attachment. You generally buy your own clothes for yourself, and so you loved each item at one time - or at least you did enough to justify bringing it home!

Here at Estilistas, we know that clearing out your closet can be a great way to make room for some new, investment pieces, and giving you a feeling of reinvigoration. So we wanted to share a simple, easy technique for starting to tackle that clothing clutter!

  1. Remove all your favourite pieces from your wardrobe. These can be items you wear frequently, that are good quality, or any pieces that you really adore. They may not be practical, you may not have worn them yet, but they are ‘no compromise pieces’ that you love as much today, as you did when you bought them.
  2. Now, go through what remains and take out anything in in bad condition. Stains, rips, missing buttons, etc. Put these on the side.
  3. Donate anything to a charity that you bought for a fancy dress party (no, you won’t wear it again), or that is over 1 size too big or small for you (small fluctuations in size are really common, and your Christmas bod might thank you for those 1 size-up jeans!). Donate anything to a charity that as gifted to you that you don’t wear or like. Donate anything that you cannot reasonably hand down to friends or family. If you have a large amount of clothing to get rid of, remember that many charities collect from you directly, to save you the hassle. Don’t throw your clothes in the bin and add to the textile waste problem!
  4. In your pile on the bed, separate the bad condition items that you like and wear, from ones that are worn less frequently.
  5. Take the other pile of items with condition problems to your local dry cleaners and tailor. You’ll be able to find out what a repair, alteration or intense clean of each item would cost. This means you can revisit your other pile and decide which items are worth investing the money in to get fixed - and donate the rest!
So good luck on your journey to a newer, better, freer wardrobe!