Debunking the capsule wardrobe myths

17 April

The concept of a capsule wardrobe has been all the rage in fashion circles for the last few years, but it's a topic that's not as straightforward as it seems. If you've watched all the videos, read the blog posts, and downloaded the guides, you might be feeling more confused than ever.

So, let’s break it down and separate the facts from the myths. Even though it might sound complex, it’s actually pretty simple—your perfect capsule wardrobe is probably already hanging in your closet.

Myth: "You need certain must-have pieces"

You must own a black blazer! A stripe top , black jeans, and of course a white shirt is essential!

Have you heard some of this before? But what if these pieces are not really you?


It’s true that you might benefit from having certain basic items, but they have to be pieces that suit your needs and lifestyle.

For example if you work from home, you might not need to own a suit or even a blazer, instead you need pieces that will allow you to be comfortable but also put together in case you have to run errands, do school pick ups or take the dog out.

Myth:"Everything has to be neutral"

Every single piece needs to match perfectly and the only way to do this is by only having boring neutrals.


You can benefit from having a consistent colour scheme but not necessarily all neutrals!

You can create multiple outfit combinations while using your favourite colours or prints. You might need to give it a bit more thought, but it’s entirely possible. Also it’s a lot more fun when your essentials are pieces that you LOVE wearing, that make you smile.

Myth: "It's complicated and expensive!"

A capsule wardrobe is something very professional that only fashion people have, full of expensive must have pieces.


A capsule wardrobe is just a technique used to maximise your wardrobe and will help you:

  1. To maintain a cohesive style and wardrobe.
  2. Gives your outfits variety every day.
  3. Makes shopping for new pieces easier.
  4. Allows you to get creative when arranging your daily outfits.
  5. Helps you when packing for your trips!

Your capsule wardrobe is a bunch of core pieces that you wear all the time.

However, you might find that you don't actually like all of those pieces, and you end up wearing them simply because they're comfortable or you feel like you have no other options.

Still, there's a lot to learn from these items. Consider what these pieces have in common and why you keep reaching for them. Think about the fit, style, and materials—these elements can teach you a lot about your personal fashion preferences.

Once you understand your core pieces and why you wear them, it would be easier to curate a better capsule wardrobe for yourself.

The only rule of a capsule wardrobe is that: IT NEEDS TO WORK FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE AND PERSONAL STYLE.

You can rotate your basic pieces every season, maybe swap the wool trousers for linen in the summer, or a denim jacket takes over the job of your favourite coat.

If you are stuck and have no clue how to create a capsule wardrobe, you can book my personalised capsule wardrobe service which will give you a few seasonal pieces that you can shop right now to create multiple looks.