Dolce and Gabbana hit the spot, olé!

11 February 2015

Every season there is a print that is going to invade your wardrobe, accessories and social media feed. It doesn't matter if these prints are repeated every season, because designers will reinvent the way to wear them, and make us want to wear them... that's the beauty of fashion.

In between all these designers and prints we have Dolce and Gabbana and the polka dot. You can't possibly go wrong!

It must be my Spanish roots talking, but Dolce and Gabbana's take on the circular print has a certain Spanish flair in their latest Spring-Summer collection, right? This is all a girl could wish for.

Their influence is clear, they want to dress all women in pretty things: floral, lace, embellished, figure-flattering garments that will make any girl feel special and feminine. As good Italians, proud of their country and culture, they have made some room in their proudness to be inspired by the Spanish influenza in Italy between 1516 and 1713. Models walked down the catwalk in polkadots ankle grazer skirts with bustier crop tops, sheer carnation dresses perfectly fitted to the figure, and matador suits with even a parade of girls wearing white shirts with embellished high-waisted shorts at the show finale.

Every detail of that catwalk had their own story. Shoes with secret compartments in the heel, scarlet red crowns of carnations, jeans encrusted with colourful jewels... and what about the box with the barbie doll? Some will say is a repeated story to their previous collections, but so what? If you do something so well, why change it?



I'm totally sold by this collection... again. I can't wait for a Summer of breezy polkadot skirts for the day and sheer lace dresses after dark. If you want to hit the spot, check out some similar items I've found that will help you boast that D&G sort of Spanish influence.