Estée Lauder DoubleWear Review

9 May 2014

Estée Lauder double wear stay in place make up SPF 10 30ml

£28.50 in 29 different shades!

Described as lightweight and lasting, comfortable for upto 12 hours wear, double wear is said to be the worry-free foundation.

While working in beauty I heard many mixed reviews. 'Poly-filler' was the one that stuck in my mind but never had the opportunity to try it, until now. With a sample that's probably 7-10ml I tried it out for a weekend at work. I work a ten hour shift 8am-6pm so my makeup goes on at 7am and I need it to stay out all day, the perfect time to test out double wear.

The sample I had was tailored to my skin colour by a consultant for Estée Lauder at my local retailer. (c1 pure beige was picked out for me)

Applying blurry eyed at 7am with my real techniques foundation brush, I found it went on smoothly yet seem to set fast when on the skin (the staying power!). I had to apply it quickly to make sure it was even, street free and flawless.

Applying the rest of my war paint as usual and heading off to work I could feel a difference on my face, it felt slightly heavier than my usual mac foundation (studio fix liquid-mac alternative to double wear) It didn't look cakey on my skin but it felt like it. During the day I asked if my skin looked different to normal to see if anyone could tell the difference. The replies were it looked like I was wearing more make up, so if you want a natural look double wear definitely isn't for you! However it came to the end of the day and my skin was still looking flawless: not patchy, shine free, the make up hadn't moved. I was very impressed as normally I would have to touch up my face and add powder.

There are pros and cons to double wear. Pro Long lasting (no need for touch ups, product last longer) Full coverage ( good for those with oily skin, prone to spots) Flawless finish (a healthy glow, not cakey/powdery look) Good range of colours (choice for ALL skin tones)

Cons Heavy on the skin (not a natural look to skin, evident your wearing foundation, not for every ones taste ) Slightly expensive (however it is premium skin care)

All in all I would say this foundation is a really good buy! Maybe not for everyday use (your skin needs to breathe a little sometimes) but for long days where you want to look your best or nights out it is prefect.

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