Everything You Need to Know About 'Bronde'

15 September 2015


A. It's not brown

The worst thing about dying your hair brown from the bottle is that it comes out looking 2D, unless you have enough money to go to a salon and spend crazy amounts on high, low, medium-lights. That flat, dark colour doesn't suit many people, and can look especially dull in summer when the sun has no variation in tone to bounce off. Bronde, a concept invented by L'Oreal Paris, seeks to change that.

B. It's not blonde

Anyone who has bleached their hair will understand how large a change it is. Not many people are willing to take the plunge, and when you add that hesitance to the damage it can do to your hair follicles, it's no wonder that platinum blonde is becoming increasingly unpopular. Bronde picks up on the highlights and shininess of naturally blonde hair to the advantage of the wearer, who enjoys a dynamic hair colour without the overly dramatic change of going either black or nearly white.

C. It's bronde!

Final verdict? It may be a slightly messily named marketing gimmick, but L'Oreal has actually created something a bit different and wearable for summer and kudos to them! Why should it only be celebrities who get to indulge in multi-tonal hair colours while the rest of us struggle to inject some bounce into our own hair-dos? Brondes do it better!

Get it at all major beauty retailers, or check out the website here: http://www.loreal-paris.co.uk/hair-colour/brondes