Festival Wear: What to Wear to Coachella 2014

7 April 2014

April and May are months to start recharging your batteries, start making summer plans, booking flights, checking out events, and all of the anticipation whilst you wait to find out the line-up in all the cool summer festivals!

With Coachella kicking off the start of festival season, everyone is on the look out for what the celebrities and bloggers will be wearing, as this American festival is probably more well-known for the fashion than the music.

Getting an outfit ready for a festival can be tricky, especially if you'll be camping. No glamorous change of clothes everyday or showers after a long day of moshing/jumping around or lying on the grass.

If you're lucky enough to be travelling to the states for a bit of Coachella, what will you wear?

Comfortable and airy clothes are a must, as the heat of the dessert will not be forgiving. If you are into a bohemian look - which you probably are as you are going to the biggest display of bohemian style ever - you are probably on the look out for shorts, fringes and a lot of white crochet.

But maybe to make it more interesting (and not be another copy of the long-legged boho hot pants army), swap the shorts for a pair of beautiful palazzo trousers and the white crochet dress for a flattering crop-top and A-line skirt.

Here are some items for your suitcase: