30 January 2014

Have you seen Girls yet? If not I think you’re going to love it, so give it a go.

Unlike other Girl Time TV, it’s not all about designer shoes and doing lunch with the ladies… it’s a bit more realistic and everyday, just like us!

This week, while watching the start of the third season, I realised how each of the characters represents a different type of woman and of course their approach to fashion.

So which one are you: Hannah, Jessa, Marnie, or Shoshanna?

Hannah is so self centered she hasn't even got time for fashion. The wannabe writer with too much creativity for her own good (remember when she cuts her own hair?!) mixes cheap clothes with vintage finds, jumpsuits a bit too short for her figure and comfortable Adam's T-shirts.

1. Black Leather Biker Jacket £49.99  2. Stone Round Earrings £7.50  3. Gold Digi Watch £16.50  4. Black Caged Flat Sandals £19.99  5. Petite Tear Drop Dress £37.00  6. Turq Vintage Pendant Necklace £6.50  7. Wire Bow Headband £3.99 8. Sunglasses £6.99 9. Checked Monochrome Jumper £29.00 10. Petite T shirt £7.99  11. Acid Wash Shorts £32.00  12. Black Acid Wash Backpack £24.99  13. Black Patent Boots £29.99


Jessa is the wild one, the traveller with no purpose in life but to have fun and live every minute like it's her last. She projects her personality through her clothes: a bunch of stuff from her many trips, interesting items and vivid prints.

1. Ethereal Printed Jumpsuit £70.00  2. Jera Ornate Buckle Elastic Belt £9.99  3. Burma Buckle Point Boot £65.00  4. Filigree Circle Drop Earrings £6.50  5. Gold Head Chain £8.00  6. Brown Faux Fur Coat £120.00  7. Lime Slouchy Shopper Bag £29.00  8. Devoree Fringe Kimono £30.00  9. Black 90s Square Crop Top £8.00  10. Ethnic Circle Collar Necklace £14.00  11. Zip Maxi Skirt Black £22.00  12. Stone Rose Cuff Bracelete £8.50  13. Diamante Embellished Hard Case Bag £39.00  14. Chelo Cut Out Sandals £29.99

Marnie, the perfect girl with the messed up head. At first Marnie had everything figured out: her dream job, her long-time boyfriend, and a great future ahead. But when her world started to crumble, her wardrobe stayed classy! A classic girl with expensive and long-lasting items, tailored shapes and bright colours.

1. Smart Catch Belted Trench Coat £165.00  2. Glee Cuff Point Heel £39.00  3. Fushia Pink Pleated Dress £35.00  4. Leather Tote £69.00  5. Black Gold Watch £20.00  6. Twist Drop Hoop Earring £6.50  7. Orange Collar Shirt £27.00  8. Indigo Ultra Soft Jean £36.00  9. Kizzy Black Knee High Boot £60.00  10. Dash Tailored Blazer £40.50  11. Florence Woven Hobo Bag £75.00


Shoshanna is a girly girl. The chick with the dream of being the next Carrie Bradshaw and live a life of fashion exuberance, exciting dates, and many crazy stories to add to her Facebook. She wants to reflect how mature she is, but she also likes to add some fun bits to her party outfits.

1. Black Flower Corsage £4.99  2. Flower Rhinestone Daisy Studs £5.00  3. Black Structured Metal Bag £15.99  4. Petite Pink Dress £39.00 5. Suede Strappy Heels £29.99  6. Black Crepe Fitted Blazer £29.99 6. Black Patent Satchel £24.99  7. Pink Chunky Necklace £9.99  8. Pleat Sleeve Tea Top £27.00 9. Textured Shorts £27.00 10. Peep Toe Wedges £27.99  11. Black Bow Barrette £6.50  12. 3 Pack Studs Cream £3.99