How to Channel That Aussie Effortlessness

31 July 2018

You can spot a true Aussie fashionista just as easily as you would recognise a bona fide French girl in a huge crowd. The thing is, even though these women have completely different and distinct style and air about them, there is one thing they share – nonchalance. Granted, they display it in different ways, but it’s still their shared trait. Much of the effortlessness that can be seen in the style of a typical Aussie girl has to do with her attitude and a carefree, positive and playful approach to life, but since that spirit reflects on everything they do – including picking out an outfit for any given occasion, there are definitely solid elements we can ‘latch onto’ and snag their style secrets. Once we’ve mastered the style, that elusive je ne sais quoi will come with it, so let’s start with the basics.

Don’t plan it, let it come to you!



If you have a tendency to preplan your outfits the day or night before, you simply have to stop doing it, because that is the complete opposite of the Aussie way. What you want to do is open your closet in the morning, pick out the first thing that catches your eye and then let your fashion gut take the wheel. If you’ve picked, let’s say, a pair of ripped jeans – which are an Aussie girl permanent staple, turn your focus to tops and just take the one that calls your name. The point is to not overthink things, because the best outfits are created completely haphazardly and in the moment. You want to wear insanely high heels with your causal ripped jeans and you also want a head wrap – just go for it! Play with your clothes.


You know those girls you see wearing slouchy tees that seem like they’re just a size too big but look like off-duty supermodels in them? Well, that’s another Aussie style secret – they generally tend to go a size up, especially when it comes to tees and tops in general. They love following trends, especially Sydney girls who are almost completely in sync with the US trends, so even if they buy the latest ‘it’ top, they will intentionally buy it in one size larger for that effortlessly shabby-chic look.


When it comes to footwear, we definitely have a thing or two to learn from the girls from the Land Down Under. Since they tend to ‘dress down’ and rock jeans at the office even, they take things up a notch when it comes to footwear. The selection of incredible sandals you’ll see on them would leave even Carrie Bradshaw in awe. Even though it’s winter there now, this season is way milder in most of the country compared to the winters in the Northern Hemisphere, which allows them to rock everything from the trendy white ankle boots to even mules and slides and even ridiculously extravagant stilettos when clubbing. But the main lesson is – don’t let the season dictate when you buy seasonal items. If you see a pair of killer boots but it’s the middle of summer, buy them anyway and rock them when winter comes. That’s the Aussie way – and sometimes they’ll even rock it outside the season. Rules are made to be broken.


The general misconception that most people have when it comes to the style of Australian women is that they wear colorful gipsy dresses, boho-printed kaftans and kimonos, and always have beachy waves. Although they do love a good boho piece, their bohemian spirit isn’t reflected in something as obvious as just a print or pattern. The boho spirit hides in the fact that they aren’t afraid of experimenting, mixing two types of plaid, rocking romantic white dresses with black lace-up boots or playing with color-blocking. This brings us to the first rule – never take clothes seriously, and never let them wear you. If you want to wear an evening gown with a denim jacket and tennis shoes, go for it. As long as you believe you look good, you’ll actually pull it off.


Another misconception about Australian girls is that they’re covered in multiple necklaces, countless bangles and generally rock a lot of jewellery. The truth is, aside from their love of great eyewear – this is another permanent staple that you’ll have to stock up on in order to channel those Aussie vibes – and a great, preferably designer bag, they don’t wear much jewellery at all. Even when they do, it’s one bangle or a pair of structured statement earrings. Sometimes a hat, but that’s pretty much it. And that is the final secret of looking effortless: you actually don’t put in a lot of effort. You purchase quality garments, and invest in a few great accessories, and then just play with the hand you’ve chosen. It’s as simple as that.

Article by: Claire Hastings fashion editor at Dolce Placard.  Follow her on twitter