How to Detox your wardrobe in time for a new season

6 February 2023

There is something strangely satisfying about getting rid of things you don’t want, especially if it means it will make your life easier!

That is why it's so important to keep track of what you add to your wardrobe, because it will not only make your life easier, but it will also improve your style.

Read the following tips to detox your wardrobe and feel the weight of fashion slightly lifting from you!

Not ready to this alone and need the help of an expert? You can book an online wardrobe detox with me and I would be supporting you every step of the way.

Before you start

A few days before you start, make sure that you have everything you need: hangers (velvet thin ones are less slippery so clothes stay), boxes or big bags for storage and a notepad to keep track of what you need to buy in the future.

A great way of keeping your wardrobe in shape is by keeping it seasonal: separating things into summer and winter pieces. Pack away things that are not going to be of use in the current season: pack beach dresses for winter, chunky jumpers for summer etc. This might feel like a total bore, but if you take a day every season to do so, it will also give you a chance to tidy your wardrobe and get rid of things you are not wearing.

If you are feeling up to it, you can try things on to make sure that everything still fits well. You could even create outfit ideas, saving pictures to your phone. This can be a lifesaver when you are stuck on what to wear, you can be your own inspiration!

Right before you start, take some time to get in the mood. Make sure you are in the right headspace and have plenty of time to spare, maybe watch an episode of Marie Kondo to get the emotions flowing! She is great at folding clothes so go and get some tips!

Then take everything out of the wardrobe and start building 3 piles:


To determine the clothes you are definetly going to keep, ask yourself the following questions:

- What do I wear more often?

- What do I feel more comfortable and more myself wearing?

- What items do I tend to buy on repeat and why?

- My fashion uniform is

These questions are key to understanding your style and to be able to part ways with things in your wardrobe that are just not you.

I will recommend keeping the ‘keep’ items in a rail while you are detoxing. This would help when doubting about an item, just look at your gorgeous keep pile and see if this specific piece will go with the overall vibe of those loved items. It can also help to determine what is missing from your wardrobe, do you have too many prints, for example? Make a note about it, and consider buying more basics next time you go shopping.


It's going to take a lot of guts to start discarding things, you are warming up to it, so start making a pile of ‘maybes’ that you can revisit at the end of the session.

These might be things that you like but don’t really wear much, that you used to love but now it’s not really you anymore. It can also be items that you have never worn because you have no idea how to.

Here can also go items that are broken or stained. Put them to one side and later you can determine if they can be fixed/cleaned.

Put them in a pile or a box on one side of the room and forget about them for now.


This pile is for the clothes that are stained, broken (and not fixable), don’t fit you right now or don’t suit your current style anymore.

How to convince yourself to get rid of something - ask yourself the following questions:

- Am I going to wear this anytime soon?

- When did I last wear this item? How did I feel wearing it?

- Does it represent who I am right now?

- Does it fit properly right now without having to lose/gain weight?

- Do any of my friends love this piece? Or would they wear it more than me if I gave it to them?

The 'Maybe' pile:

Keep this pile in a box somewhere where you can see it. Make a point of creating an outfit with the ‘maybe’ pieces within the next couple of months. If after some reasonable time, you haven’t felt the need of wearing them, then you know what to do! Be ruthless! Think of the extra space!

What to do with the clothes you don’t want?

Please don’t just throw them in the bin!

Many retailers have recycling services, for example, H&M will give you a £5 voucher if you drop a bag full of clothes in one of their stores. Zara does this too, minus the voucher. The charity Traid offers free home collection or you can drop them in any of the recycling banks that they have around the UK.

When I am thinking of getting rid of an item, I like to consider friends who might love it and wear it all the time. You can also organise a little swap party where everyone can bring things they don’t wear and you can exchange clothing.