How to Make Connections in the World of Fashion Blogging

8 May 2018

Whether you’ve just started out in the world of fashion blogging, or you’ve had your website for a while now, there is always more you can do to boost your networking abilities and make new connections. After all, isn’t that precisely what blogging is all about?

The way you share your ideas and views along with the strategies you use to disperse your posts are just one piece of this puzzle, and in order to be noticed and build meaningful blogging relationships in fashion, you just might need to take it a few steps further.

Find fellow bloggers to follow

There’s little you can do if you don’t already have a community of bloggers whose work you find inspiring. You know who they are – the established names in your niche, whether it’s their sporty vibe, or the upscale evening look they flaunt, but they already have a fully-formed blogging brand.

Read their posts regularly, follow them on social networks, and when you become truly familiar with their work, comment, leave your own feedback, let the words do the rest. Of course, give it a few weeks before you start questioning your approach, it takes time to reap the rewards.


Express your gratitude



Whether it’s by sending them an email expressing your views on a particular topic, suggesting a collaboration, or sending personalised gifts after you’ve met them at an event, they will appreciate the gesture. That way you can make it something memorable that you’ve shared during a conversation, to show that you’ve truly connected.

When they are happy to offer you a guest post spot, make sure to show your gratitude, as this way, you will get in front of a new audience, so nurture an ongoing collaboration that benefits you both. This only works for bloggers who actually share a love for style and know their niche, so make sure to find the right match.

Visit events and conferences


If it’s possible, you can travel all over the world visiting any type of small or large fashion event where bloggers will flock together to enjoy the beauty! But even your local get-together with local designers can make a huge difference if you reach out to the right people and start a few interesting conversations.

Nothing can replace a face-to-face chat in an environment you both admire, and you can also use this as a learning opportunity – there are seminars and workshops you can attend online and offline, where you can meet a bunch of people who share your views on style.

Make some noise


In the online world, sharing truly is caring, and to that end, when you come across content that resonates with your beliefs, don’t hesitate to re-post, share on other social media platforms, and leave a comment with fresh thoughts on the topic.

Ongoing communication is key to growing trust and loyalty even in the world of blogging, so don’t be stingy with your love for someone’s work, when you find those few selected bloggers who inspire you the most! Keep in mind that ultimately, it’s all about the readers and helping them solve a problem, so if a fashion blogger in your community achieves that, your thumbs up may be the right trigger to start a meaningful conversation and a relationship down the road!


Go social


In addition to sharing and re-posting with your own comments, another way to use social media is to get in touch directly with the person behind the blog. It often happens that their website doesn’t offer a direct email line to the blogger, or any contact form whatsoever, in which case, social is the best way to go.

However, be smart and check out if they use their profiles for personal only contacts or they actually use them to promote their work and connect with readers and other bloggers. That way you can make sure that you haven’t crossed a line, but opened a door to potential cooperation!

Article by: Claire Hastings fashion editor at Dolce Placard.  Follow her on twitter