Style solutions: avoid 'the frump'

8 April

One thing I hear a lot when chatting to my clients it’s that they feel frumpy in what they wear, has this ever happen to you? and how can you avoid it?

You can also watch the video I put together here.

This might be an issue of fit over style

I really encourage you to try invest in clothes that fit well, more than buying into trends, or brands, make sure you try things on properly and you make sure the fit is perfect.

I know, I know, it is almost impossible to get something to fit PERFECTLY, we all know that sizes nowadays are unrealistic and don't cater to fit everyone. This is why it's best to buy less and invest some time and money in getting them altered, so you can have a wardrobe full of clothes that fit you well and make you feel confident and comfortable.

_Maybe you just need to take in a bit from the waist, or shorten a hemline, I can promise you that you will be surprised what a difference this can make to your outfit. _

Looking after your clothes

Don’t just chuck everything together in the wash. Only wash your clothes when they really need it, and try to wash similar colours together, on a low temperature. Hang dry your clothes instead of using a dryer, specially for your favourite pieces and denim, they will last longer!

Sometimes your clothes, specially if you have only worn them once or twice. Hang them from a hanger and let them air out. You can also spray them with a clothes refreser.

Ironing your clothes will make a huge differences to your look. A hand steamer is super helpful when you are in a rush.

Accessorizing is key

You don't need tons of expensive acessories and jewellery. Instead, invest in a few stunning pieces that define your style. Add these to your outfits to achieve a look that is both effortless and chic.

_A belt that cinches the waist, an amazing pair of sunglasses, some stunning jewellery, ... These can totally revamp your everyday outfits in an instant. _

I repeat, you don't need expensive brands or big logos to have quality and durable pieces. Often, you can discover incredible second-hand or vintage treasures that will save you money and help you build a unique collection.

Repeat, reuse, enjoy!

Don’t worry about repeating outfits, if you find an outfit formula or a couple of gorgeous pieces that make you feel good, keep wearing them!

Make a note of what is it you like about them and look for the same characteristics when you go shopping.

But ultimately if you are confident and comfortable in what you wear this is going to show! So, go with your gut and don’t second guess yourself!