How to still wear your party outfits well into January

5 January 2023

If you invested in a few new party pieces and probably wore them only a couple of times during December, don’t just push them to the back of your wardrobe right now. January is a tough month to go through, and wearing boring clothes will just make it even harder.

Extend the life of these clothes by wearing them with your the foundation pieces of your wardrobe, keep the outfits simple and have fun wearing those extravagant pieces while picking up your daily flat white.

Here are some ideas:

1. Sequins

Make them day time appropriate by wearing them with your trainers and cosy knits. A chunky jumper, dad trainers, hoodies, parka coats, anything that balanes the glam out of the sequins will work!


2. The Dreamy Dress

You caved and bought that statement dress you were after. Maybe it’s bright and covered in tulle, maybe is short and structured. Don’t bury it on your closet, wear it with your chunky loafers, or favourite pair of boots, add a blazer on top, or an oversized coar, wear a thin turtle neck under it, but please don’t forget about this beauty!


3.The Gorgeous Blouse

Sounds obvious to say, but wear that perfect party blouse with your old pair of straight jeans to maximise its wearability. Layer a t-shirt or turtle neck under if it’s slightly see through, and wear your best coat over.