How to style summer dresses

7 June

I love a summer dress—you put it on, pair it with cute sandals and a summery bag, and you're ready to take on the day. The only problem is that it can get monotonous quickly, but a few quick styling tips can easily solve that, so keep reading for more ideas to make the most of your summer dresses.

1. The 'Wrong' Accessory

Style your summer dress with a unexpected shoe, bag and/or interesting hair accessory that adds a completely different dimension to the dress. That one accessory that feels so wrong that somehow feels right. This is also a great way to add your personal style to the dress.

2. Don't just wear the jumper

Instead tie it over your waist, wear it over your shoulders or nonchalantly around your neck. This is a simple but effective styling trick that will instantly add a casual and modern vibe to your favourite summer dress and will also give you something to do with the ‘just in case the weather turns’ cover up.

3. Add a layer

Create layers over or under the dress (or both!) by for example adding a tank top under a sleeveless dress or an oversized cotton shirt over a mini dress. This is also a great way to play with prints and colours, go with your gut, you can make it work!

4. All about balancing and downplaying

Two key factors to create the right balance in an outfit: playing with proportions and downplaying an obvious theme. For example you can balance the cuteness of a floral dress with more edgy pieces like a chunky sandal or an oversized jacket, or create contrast when you wear a long floaty dress by adding a sharp crop jacket with it.

5. Mix the colours

Avoid the obvious and instead go for fun combinations that will add an unexpected twist to your outfit. The easiest way to do this it’s to start with your favourite colour and then start adding hues that ‘classically’ clash with that one colour.

6. Go bold with the jewellery

Layer your statement pieces, fill your arms with bracelets or experiment with different earring combinations. Again, avoid the obvious and have fun with it.

7. Add a brooch

The classic accessory that is still having a moment and can make your summer dress feel fresh in an instant. Go on the hunt for vintage pieces or borrow from your mum’s collection. Mix and match them to create your own little moodboard.

8. Wear a belt

It’s the safest styling tip but a very obvious choice that can quickly change the vibe of your summer dress. You can layer belts in different colours, textures and styles to create interesting outfit combinations.