How to transition your outfits into spring mode

20 March

If you find dressing for the in-between weather an impossible task, here are 6 simple ways to start adding spring vibes to your look without compromising on style, or freezing your bum off.

1. Swap your heavy coat for a light jacket

Stop covering all your outfits with that sensible winter coat. It's time to say goodbye.

Explore your options, a light coat or jacket must be what you need for this limbo weather.

2. Layering

This handy styling technique is perfect for the transition of seasons.

Layer your light jacket with your favourite cashmere jumper, you can then wear it over your shoulders if it turns out that the day is bringing warmth and sunshine.

Here are some easy styling ideas to try right now:

3. Start introducing lighter materials to your outfits

It’s time to unpack your favourite linen trousers, your cotton dresses, your lighter knits and mix and match them with your winter favourites while the weather is still weird.

Yes, you can mix linen with wool or leather, don't let old-fashion rules ruin your styling ideas.

4. Accessorise for the season

Start introducing those lovely spring/summer accessories and jewellery to your outfits right now, even if they don’t make too much sense!

I love wearing a pair of sea shell earrings with a turtle neck or a wicker basket bag with a blazer and jeans.

5. Add plenty of colour to your looks

Spring is the perfect time to introduce more color and playful prints into your wardrobe. Look for pastels, floral prints, and bright hues to refresh your outfits.

Even if you prefer neutral colours, adding colourful accessories like scarves, bags, or jewellery can brighten up your look and make you feel more energised!

6. Switch your footwear

It’s time to put away the heavy boots and bring out lighter footwear options.

Ballet flats, loafers and Mary Janes are still trending. And you can never go wrong with a pair of cool trainers like Sambas or Vejas.

Don’t forget to weather-proof your shoes to protect them from spring showers.