How to wear the trickiest trend of the season: neon

19 May 2020

The controversial trend made big appearances during fashion week. It couldn’t be ignored, neon is happening and we are all in for it! But how can you successfully wear this tricky trend without looking like you are going to a rave in the middle of the afternoon?

1. It’s all in the small details

Jacquemus gave a few nods to the trend in effortless brushstrokes of the fluorescent hues taking the form of oversized blazers, cami maxi dresses, teeny-weeny necklace bags and big straw hats.

This is the best way to do the trend if you are too scared to go full-on. You can add simple touches of one colour or a few in the form of accessories and/or a tailored piece of clothing. Pair with softer colours like light blues or beiges to make this trend street-ready.

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Some designers set the ‘neon tone’ in floaty Summer-perfect dresses as seen at Valentino and Victoria Beckham. Pleated ethereal maxi numbers, in punchy shades of neon green and lime, stole the show at Valentino. While Victoria Beckham went for softer greeners and strong purples that could also be classed as fluorescents.

Think diaphanous dress in bright neon shades worn with flat gladiator sandals as the only minimal companion.

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Donnatella Versace and her team didn’t just settle with adding neon colours to their runway but they also went nuts with amazing tye-dye and tropical-inspired prints. Looks full of 90’s nostalgia, especially when JLo came strutting down the runway in the iconic jungle dress that inspired the creation of Google Images.

Both Versace and Tom Ford decided to pair their neons with black as the ultimate neutral, a look that will spark a party anywhere you go.

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