Interview with Magda Toczek

30 June 2014

E: Do you think fashion photography is becoming more and more important in this visual age, if so why?
M: I think it is. Fashion is everywhere and, for me - it's everything, because it is the expression of our perception of ourselves. And this is why fashion photography is very popular these days. But I think it is more than just pretty face and expensive clothes - for me fashion photographer should try to capture this little thing between high fashion model in extremely expensive dress and young, beautiful girl which is trying to tell something about herself.
E: Do you feel, as a fashion/portrait photographer, you help to uphold certain beliefs held in the fashion industry (for example, size zero or lack of racial diversity?)
M: Well, if I'm promoting any idea now, it would definitively be 'youth' - naturalness, restless, anxious, emotions, everything that makes us feel alive and we are so afraid of showing.
E: Who is your favourite photographer who ISN’T well known or famous?


M: Dylan Forsberg, but he used to be a model so he is probably more known than I think he is :)



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