Interview with Thuy Pham

3 April 2014

The first photograph I came across when I googled Thuy Pham’s exotic name was one of a tattooed, pierced model gazing intently at the camera in black and white. What should have been a rugged, strong image was almost docile. This is a testament to Pham’s ability to capture people’s portraits in a gentle and friendly way. Listen to some of her influences and motivations here...

Estilistas: So Thuy, What first inspired you to pick up a camera and get photographing?

Thuy: I don't have any specific source of inspiration. I love everything what is visually exciting for me. It goes from a daily life what I see around on streets to specific museums and exhibitions. I love differentiation. I get inspired by people daily, and travelling.

E: You are based in both England and the Czech Republic - are the fashions different in these two countries?

T: Yes, there is a significant difference in fashion in Czech and in England. British style is significant and unique, whereas Czech style is mix and matched and they are mainly following up trend icons and cities. Czech fashion doesn't have a unique significant look, yet, to be said. Personally, I admire British street style. It is so much different and inspirational in some way.


E: What do you look for in a model that makes you want to photograph them?

T: As I have said, I like differentiation. That applies to models when I look for them. I like them to have something different that others doesn't have, either in physical appearance or the personality that the model can make come alive. That is much nicer, rather than just looking like "another girl.”


E: How would you describe your photographs, in one word?

T: It is actually hard to describe my work in just one word. Maybe I would say neat.

E: If you had to choose your favourite fashion ad campaign, which would it be and why?


T: I don't have any favourite ones, I always find so many ads that I like and find it so beautiful done. But if I have to choose one, I would go for Hermes autumn/winter 2012 campaign.

I just love the idea how they portrait the cross between autumn and winter. I think that was just amazingly done.

E: Who are your favourite fashion and portrait photographers and why?

T: Tim Walker. I love his work, his ideas and how he portrays that. I like those fairytale, dreamy photos that makes you think and stare at them for a while. I admire him.

E: What is your favourite photograph of your own and why?


T: When the idea comes true, than every artist is happy about it. Same with me and this photos. Love the model's expression, the styling and the mood of it.

If you too have been enchanted by Pham’s airy, intimate portraits, you can find the links to all her websites and work below: